All orders ship USPO Priority Mail with insurance in the amount of your order. 

If you decide to return an item we would be happy to issue a full refund at the time of return.

Repairs on glass or other items will be billed at an hourly rate. If you have an item for repair please package it properly and send it to Artic Arts PO Box 639, Tok Alaska 99780-0639. Please be sure to include your name and contact telepone number so we can call when repairs are finished. 
Our Story:
Our cozy little town of Tok is the first community in Alaska after crossing the Canadian Border driving into Alaska. We've lived here for thirty something years:) Yep, born and raised. There is a lot of time here in the winter months to create wonderful things. It is a really good place to be a creative person. Interaction with the outside world is always the hardest part about living here, but in the summer months we get to visit with all of the wonderful tourist that come to see our beautiful state. 

We can be contacted at (907)883-3704 or emailed at
The Studio is locaced at 1318 Alaska Highway
Mailing address is; 
PO Box 639
Tok, Alaska 99780-0639

Email us at 

Telephone Contact; 
Melody Martiniuk at (907)883-3083 

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1318 Alaska Highway - PO Box 639 - Tok, Alaska 99780-0639 Phone(907)883-3083
PhotographyPotteryGlassContact FormThe ArtistsHomeWeb & Graphics

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